Monthly Archive December 2017


Christmas Tree Disposal – Over £800.00 raised!

Wow! What a wonderful response! We raised £817.00 by collecting and recycling Christmas trees from Henfield and the surrounding villages. Thanks everybody!
A truly huge vote of thanks to Adam Butler of Liquid Amber Tree Surgery – Thanks also to Henfield tradesman Tony Westwood and Andy Warren, a Director of Downs Southern Ltd – without whom we could never have collected the trees. Then, once again a wonderful attendance by Henfield B-P Guild members at the Scout Field to feed 160 trees into the chipper – An amazing response and show of support from everyone, villagers, local businesses and Guildsmen alike…. Thank you all!


£50,000 Rampion Fund award

The HSCC Building Appeal is now supported by The Rampion Fund at Sussex Community Foundation following a £50,000 award being granted…. Fantastic news! The construction start date draws ever closer.


Henfield B-P Guild donate £5,000 to the HSCC Building Appeal

By donating another £5,000 to the Appeal fund Henfield Baden-Powell Guild have pushed the fund closer to the target figure required to begin construction. We are very grateful for the wonderful support freely given by the Henfield B-P Guild. Visit their website at