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Why the Centre is needed……

The Scout Hut is rotting rapidly and the new Community Centre is needed NOW!


Over £107,000 raised to date to build this proposed Scout Community Centre!

More than £107,000 raised locally to date, plus pledges worth in excess of £35,000 for goods and services and £25,000 saved on professional fees.


The rot is worsening rapidly!

From outside the timber hut looks very usable but inside, beneath the floors and behind the plasterboard stud-work walls, a horror story is being written. The timber framework is rotting at an alarming rate and this adds a new urgency to raising funds for the new Scout Community Centre.

One of the Scout leaders recently removed the kitchen units as the floor felt soft and these pictures show the true extent of the progress of the rot. The floors in other areas of the hut have already collapsed and been temporarily repaired, the stud-work within the external walls is deteriorating rapidly and the day gets ever closer when the hut will become unsafe to use.
Partridge Green Scout Group has had to close for exactly the same reasons, so we know that the future of the oldest existing Scout Troop in the world is in very real danger of closure. Please donate generously NOW and help us to build the proposed new Scout Community Centre in Henfield.

Your help is needed now! Please give generously, you can donate by cutting and pasting this link into your browser.
Thank you